alice (noblealice) wrote in potterevans,

fic: goes before the fall (lily/james; harry potter; rating:g)

Title: Goes before the Fall: Swallowed Pride, Shared Pride & Pride and Joy
Author: lily
Pairing: Peter, Lily/James & (only-if-you-want-to-see-it) Remus/Sirius
Rating: G
Summary: In response to all of their praise, Harry thought it a good idea to blow a spit bubble at them and then attempt to suck on his toes.
Word Count: 1,700
Author's Note: Ack. This was supposed to be a drabble of proud parents crowing over their son and predicting greatness - not knowing how terribly accurate they would be (and how miserable he would be to be famous). Then it 'sploded!
Set in 1979 and following the Marauders until late 1980 (when Harry was born). Star Wars first came out in 1977. Three vignettes. Unbeta'd.

HERE at lilies_pad
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